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Awareness Put Me On - A Transformative Collaborative Book that Explores the Power of Heightened Awareness Launches April 2024


March 15, 2024. Washington, D.C. Soul Essence Publishing and CC Media announce the upcoming release of Awareness Put Me On, a groundbreaking anthology from authors across the country with experiences ranging from Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs. Awareness Put Me On offers a rich tapestry of real-life stories, experiences, and insights that showcase the power of self-awareness in driving personal and professional success.

Positioned as a dynamic extension of My Best Shift, CC Media aspires to be a catalyst for change by producing content that transcends conventional boundaries and sparks meaningful dialogue. Curated by the visionary leadership of two-time best-selling author Chantée L. Christian, this anthology brings together a diverse array of talented writers whose insights and expertise have shaped this enlightening and inspiring book. Renowned DEI Disruptor and acclaimed author Randi B., penned the foreword, amplifying the depth and unique perspectives of this remarkable work.

"This collaborative effort offers a unique opportunity for leaders to leverage awareness, displaying the power of conscious decision-making and authentic leadership. Featuring over 20 Black and Brown authors, this book is a testament to representation and inclusion in the leadership space. Our commitment to donating the first 3 months of proceeds to the Black Mental Health Alliance emphasizes our mission to amplify voices and stories, fostering connection and understanding. I’m excited to rewrite the narrative of leadership.”Chantée L. Christian notes.

Authored by a diverse group of contributors from various backgrounds and industries, Awareness Put Me On is scheduled to launch on April 5, 2024, and will be available on Amazon. This anticipated bestseller offers an exploration of pivotal moments where heightened awareness sparked transformative change. It's poised to captivate readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, promising to unlock their full potential. 

"Awareness is the gateway to individual freedom and humanity's expansion. Awareness Put Me On represents a paradigm shift where leaders are giving themselves space to question long-held beliefs, heal past wounds, and rise up to claim their true creativity and genius. Since 2020 Soul Excellence Publishing has amplified the wisdom of conscious, courageous leaders, and we could not be more excited and honored to continue this mission by holding space for this diverse group to come together and inspire the world." says publisher Kayleigh O’Keefe.

To commemorate the much anticipated release, the authors will gather in the DC Metro area at specialty venue Elaine’s, a restaurant known for its commitment to creating spaces for writers and their literary works. Media are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

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